Viral videos: Women dancing in saree

These ladies dance moves are a must watch:

In today’s time, it is not hard to showcase your talent as anything that people find unique goes viral within seconds on the internet. Earlier the dancing uncle whose random video from a wedding was all in the buzz became a sensation overnight and now two ladies in sari are breaking the social media.

Recently a clip of two woman shaking legs on the old song ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’ from the 1980 Bollywood film Qurbani has gone viral which impressed everyone with their mind-blowing moves. People also got surprised to see how beautifully the ladies managed to danced saris.

The viral clip was posted by a Twitter user @roykajal she wrote “We women love saree and freak in it too!!! @taslimanasreen check it out, they having a ball of a time in saree … and it’s not any special occasion,”.

Check out the video here:

Almost everyone praised and admired the ladies for doing such an amazing and fun to watch dance. Check out the people’s reactions on it below: