Things that working moms will relate to

Check out the list of things that working women will relate to:

Before having kids you would never be able to understand why working mothers always keep running and mostly late! You wouldn’t understand why they have rocky eyes and a strange clothing style. But when you become one, you get answer to all these questions. Rocky eyes are due to less sleep and clothing sense because of lack of time. Managing work and babies together is a very difficult task. You hardly get time for yourself. So today we will make you realize that you have turned into a working mom, if you can relate to these things. Check out the things that working mothers understand:

    • Your bag is filled with diaper and things related to your child
    • You have baby lotions instead of beauty creams in your bags
    • A weird smell of baby food comes from you.

    • As you travel, you plan something for your child, for example: what you will cook for his lunch tomorrow.
    • You can’t take a day off, as you have already used your leaves for your child.
    • Vacation seems to be like a dream now
    • You have an important meeting, but you have to bake for your child

      • You always count working hours left, as you have to run back home.
      • Your call log will be filled with calls done to your child.

    • Your eyebrows and upper lips are never done on time
    • Online shopping means kids shopping only.
    • You already have your tasks lined up after getting home.

    • Preparing yourself to go home and get your child’s homework done
    • Before getting home you have to pick up your child from his classes.
    • You feel sleepy the whole day

    • You get sandwiches for lunch as well

  • Getting home and getting a hug from your child is the best part of the day.