Expert review: Ozone De-tan cleanser

Why this beauty budget buy is a must have!

Ozone De-tan cleanser
Ozone De-tan cleanser

Isn’t tanning one of our main concern areas especially for all women? Spend too much time outside and you come back roasted! It’s worse when we go on a vacation, for me no amount of sunblock helps. I still tan and get sunburn. I have a penchant for trying anti-tan products while some are misses there are a few hits too. Like this anti-tan cream by Ozone is a simple budget buy I brought to see if it works and I’m in love. The Ozone De-tan cleanser is essentially a cleanser cream you have to apply on your face and wash off. I, however, like to keep it for a few minutes.

Price: Ozone De-tan cleanser is priced at a modest 346 INR

Ozone De-tan cleanser
Ozone De-tan cleanser

Claims: According to online portals, the Ozone De-tan cleanser removes dead skin, works on skin lightening, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and removes skin tan.

Packaging: Packaged in a cardboard box, the Ozone De-tan cleanser is in a huge plastic tub which is protected by a thin sheet to avoid spills.


Ozone De-tan cleanser
Ozone De-tan cleanser, swatch

The cream is super soft and a bit runny which helps in easy application.

The cream works, you see an immediate change in your skin colour. I would however recommend you use this at night and let your skin heal without exposure to the sun.

It is truly a budget buy and works really well.

The tub is huge and would last you for months.

Did not break me out despite having sensitive skin.


You need to dip your hands to extract the product.

The tub is bulky and not the best pick to travel with.

Rating: 4/5