Ways to make a style statement with “Sindoor”

Check out how to wear sindoor like a celebrity: 

Every married woman’s look is incomplete without a sindoor. It is one of the most important 16 shringars that women wear. If you are also married and feel that your look is incomplete without sindoor then take some clues from these actresses and their looks. Check out the images below: 

On western outfits, you can wear a sindoor like Bipasha Basu, and wear a little sindoor on your forehead. 

You will find sindoor in red, maroon, and orange colors in the market. You pick the color as per your complexion.

To give it a classic look, apply it at the center of your hair. 

Depending on your hairstyle, you can decide how much sindoor you want to apply. Like Anushka Sharma went for a middle-parted bun and filled in lots of sindoor.  If you keep your hair open you can apply a little sindoor.