Glitter Butt: The hottest trend this summer

Check out what is this summer’s hottest trend:

Every year there is a festive and yet OTT trend, in 2017 glitter bust made headlines and this time its wackier! This time the trend is truly amazing as “glitter butts” have been dubbed as the newest summer trend. This trend is sweeping all over the social media. Check out why it is making headlines:

Every music festival season a different glitter trend starts making news and thi time pople are covering their entire butt in glitter!

There’s a million fish in the sea, but I’m a mermaid🙌🏻💙

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Glitter butts are more dramatic look as compared to its predecessors: glitter roots, glitter brows or even glitter boobs. Mia Kennington, a London-based makeup artist created this surprisingly beautiful look, which is becoming a festive hit this season. She was inspired by Sandy beach gums; the makeup artist has shared some pictures, check them out:

A glitter brand Go Get Glitter has their insta page filled with images of people’s butt artfully covered in glitter. It appears more women are ditching their pants to get their butts filled with glitter. The brand has even created their designs.

Yes, the glitter is all upside down, it seems very uncomfortable. This trend is for body-brave people only, as it requires barely clothes like micro shots to show it off.

Feeling #peachy in the Palm Springs sunshine!🍑☀ #COACHELLA

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Festivals will become the places where glitter butts will be seen all over. Glitter is used in cosmetics, but every year a new use of it arises.