High heel hacks every girl must know!

High heel hacks for a better heel experience

Every girl in the world has a love- hate relationship with her high heels. We all love to buy and wear beautiful heels, but after an hour of walking in them we all regret wearing them in the first place.

Regardless of our feet paining and screaming for rescue, we still get lured to shiny, colorful, printed gorgeous high heels. We girls will never leave good heels no matter how uncomfortable they might be. So keeping this in mind, we at AAW decided to inform you all about a few hacks to make your heel experience enjoyable rather than painful.

  1. Tape your toes:

Wearing heels can split your nerve between the third and the fourth toe. This can be really painful and irritating. So take a sticky tape and tape them together from lasting strain. Make sure the tape you use does not leave any gluey residue. You can also use a micro- pore instead of a tape.

High heel hacks
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  1. For parts that are likely to pain, use silicone shoe inserts:

There are some very pretty heels, but they do not have support at the ball of your feet which can cause a lot of pain. Well Silicone shoes are the solution to this problem. For every specific part of your foot that might hurt, there are different silicone inserts available.

Silicone inserts
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  1. Panty liners to prevent sweat:

Do your feet become all sweaty and you feels like you are about to fall? Sweat can make the straps to slide and slip. Panty liners are good to prevent this and can help you from falling.

Panty liner
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  1. Have band- aids accessible:

Shoe bite is a common thing when one wears heels. Not only new pairs, but sometimes even your oldest and most trusted heels might give you a shoe bite. So if you are out to party and feel a little pain, immediately take out a band- aids and stick it.

Band- aid
Band- aid/ Facebook
  1. Roll on deodorant for chafing:

Constant friction can cause irritation to your skin and might leave a mark. By using a roll on deodorant on areas that you might feel are prone to chafing can be useful.

Roll on Deodorant
Roll on Deodorant / Facebook
  1. Stretch your new shoes by using these simple tricks:

New shoes can take a while to open. Breaking into new shoes by wearing them can cause a lot of pain. Try to stretch you heels by stuffing them with newspaper. After that run a hair dryer on it to make it stretch quicker. If you have time, then pour some water in a plastic bag and stuff your heel with them. Put your heels in the freezer and let them stretch.

Break into new heels
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We hope these simple tricks help you with your heel problem. Do let us know if you use any of these hacks, and were they a blessing or not.