Epic lines our teachers say!

These common lines used by teachers will take you back to school!

We all have been in school for a good chunk of our lives, and teachers were a major influence. Whether you like them or dislike them, that is your choice! Most teachers have a pet peeve and a few lines they love repeating. What seemed like punishments then, are all good happy memories of childhood. A carefree childhood under the guidance of our teachers is pretty perfect, so this Teachers Day AAW brings you some famous lines that teachers often repeat!

“Why are you so late?”


If you are late for your class even by a minute get ready for the teacher to give you a yelling. Sometimes they tend to think the worse, even if you were just rushing to class. They will assume you were out with friends, ‘loitering’ in the corridor, being late was like a nightmare in school days as it would eventually end with making you stand outside the class or a trip to the principal’s room.

“What were you doing in the washroom?”

If you would, unluckily, take more than 5 minutes in coming back from the washroom, teachers ask you questions that are downright embarrassing. The moment you enter the class, the teacher asks, “What were you doing in the washroom?” and the whole class gets to enjoy the embarrassment you go through.

“Please submit your homework!”


This line has haunted us the most, as homework was something we have all had horror dreams since school days. The scary punishments like doing your homework twice or getting that wretched not in your diary have made us all finish our assignments in weird ways.

“Where are you roaming?”

Being caught roaming around the campus of the school would take you straight to the principal’s office. Here you find both your principal and teacher with the same question saying, ‘Why are you roaming around?’ and the sentence usually meant punishments from both the sides.

“You stand up and stand in the corner”

If you were ever caught talking to your friend, the teacher would give you punishments, usually, they were embarrassing and yet funny as you would both make faces at each other for the next half an hour.

“Get out of my class!”


Do anything wrong and this was the end result. Get out of the class was the most heard line from teachers.

These epic lines every teacher used are now a part of our nostalgic trip down the memory lane and we miss the simplicity of life back then.