Things mother-in-law’s preach during your pregnancy

Things every mother in law says to their pregnant daughter in laws:

Pregnancy is a time when along with the mommy-to-be, the whole family also seems like they are about to have a baby. This happens because of the sudden over possessiveness and care that comes, especially no one can argue with their mothers-in-law at this phase. No doubt whatever they say is beneficial but at times it becomes irritating too as they keep on repeating it. So, let’s check out the common things that almost every expecting lady hears from her mother in law. I am sure you will find it relatable.

  • Eat a lot of butter and ghee; baby will be healthy and beautiful.
  • I am sure the little munchkin will go on me, same features like her grandma.

  • You should not stay awake late in the night, take proper sleep and wake up on time.
  • What do you want girl or a boy?

  • Normal delivery is always the best, without complications.
  • Don’t bend too much, ask someone else to pick up for you.

  • Place cute babies pictures on the wall and look at them every day.
  • Boys are always better, I will pray god to give us a cute little Krishna.

  • Are you taking all your medicines on time? Don’t eat anything from outside.
  • Eat a lot of curd and drink milk so that his complexion turns out fair

  • You should not take too much of work load it’s not good for your baby’s health.
  • If it will be a boy we will make him a cricketer and if it will be a girl then doctor.