Your forehead reveals a lot about you. Decode here!

Check out what your forehead reveals about you:

Every human being is different and has unique and diverse features. These distinctive features signify a lot about their personality. The way eyes speak a lot about a person’s personality, the same way one’s forehead reveals an important part of their character. Let’s see what your forehead says about you:

  • Broad Forehead:

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

The broad forehead is also known as 5-finger forehead as it is too big. Many people with broad forehead especially women do not like their foreheads as it covers a large part of their face. People with broad foreheads are extremely talented and skilled. It signifies high intelligence and people with such forehead are born leaders. They are quick is completing their tasks. Also, these people have high hopes in life. Such people are blessed with intuitive qualities like 6th sense, they can tell about something that is about to happen earlier than other people.

  • Narrow Forehead

A person with a narrow forehead is very emotional and an introvert, due to which he is often a loner. He chooses to listen to his heart over his mind. Such people avoid crowds and hates being the center of attention.

  • Straight Forehead:

People with straight forehead have a straight hairline. Such people are very straightforward and diligent. They have a sense of responsibility and are very strict, they will sacrifice their happiness if rules say so. A person with a straight forehead is very gentle and dedicated. If they fall in love, then it is forever. They cherish every moment they spend with their loved ones.

  • Curved Forehead:

People with a curved forehead are very vibrant and ebullient. They are full of positivity, joy and attract positive emotions. Such people are magnets to happiness. Everyone wants to make a good impression on them.

  • M-Shaped Forehead:

It is called M-shaped forehead because the hairline looks like the letter M, the middle of their hairline is protruding and forms 2 arches. This signifies evocative imagination. Such people have their heads in the sky as they are very ambitious and creative. The most ideal profession for them is acting, writing, art because of their artistic mind.

  • Fuji Mount Forehead:

This kind of forehead looks like a mountain top. Fuji mount shaped forehead is very rare to find, feel lucky and blessed if you have such forehead.  People with mount shaped forehead are very sociable, gentle and kind. Such people are very confident and have a strong point of view. They do not want to be leaders but have very strong opinions.

  • Sharp Forehead:

The only word that describes such a person is STUBBORN. They are stubborn to the core. Their words are as sharp as their hairline. They will go to any extent to get things going in their direction. Such people are very ironic and love to have conversations with people superior to them.