Signs he just wants to be friends

Do you feel friend zoned? Read on and find out

Men feel that friend zone is a term that only exists for them. But this is not  true as women too face such problems in love. We also get friend zoned by someone at least once in our lifetime. At times it is hard to find out that our crush really likes us or is it only about being friends. So here are ways to find out that your crush likes you more than a friend or not. We know it might be upsetting but sooner or later you should be clear about this:

  • He never flirts

If a guy has a crush on you then he will flirt with you even if he addresses it as a joke later. He will be more caring towards to you as compared to other girls. Also, he will pay more attention to you and will give you clues about it. If he has never done that, it might be possible that he only likes you as a friend.

  • He talks about other girls with you

If a guy is interested in you, he wouldn’t be comfortable spilling his romantic history. He will never make you feel that he is interested in someone else. But if he does this, maybe he is not into you.

  • He tries to hook you up

Now, this is a sign that will give you hints. If a person likes you then he will never try to hook you up with someone else. Obviously, if he wants to be with you why would he be a matchmaker for you?

  • It’s always a group time

Did you set up plans with him alone? No matter how much you try to spend alone time with him, he always brings his friends along. If he avoids hanging out with you alone, definitely he’s not interested.

  • His behavior is not different

Notice his behavior with other friends and how he is with you,if there is no change, then it is obvious that he sees you as a friend.

He’s always busy

When a guy likes you no matter how busy he is, he will never never miss a chance to see you and spend time with you.

He overshares

If this guy overshares with you and tells you everything about himself, from his past to his current life, then that’s not a good sign.