Teenage Friendship’s day memories

Check out the list of things we used to do on friendship’s day back in school time:

Back in school days friendships day was no less than a festival and we never left a chance to celebrate it in school on Monday or Friday. Celebrating it back then was totally different from the way we celebrate it now as adults, after all, life and time changes. This friendships day let’s take a look at things that we all did during school days:


  • Preparations would start almost a week before and everyone would save from their pocket money to buy fancy friendship bands for their friends.
  • All of us used to buy some extra bands because we were never sure about our friend count.
  • Just to be sure that everyone is getting friendship bands, we used to call our friends and discuss the same. The reason was everyone wanted to join in the celebrations.
  • Remember buying the costly and best ones for your best friend? I always bought the best one for my best friend and normal bands for the other friends.
  • Boys use to get chocolate and bracelets for a girl they were attracted too.
  • Friendship bands were never enough, we always have to buy greetings, chocolates and fancy bands for special ones.
  • Some girls even used to gift the pendant that split into two parts of hearts, you know just to take it a notch higher. Remember those BFF who wore a lock pendant around her neck and the other one a key.
  • Friendships day was incomplete without listening or singing “Yaaron Dosti” or “Pal”.
  • Some teachers were so strict that we had to celebrate our special day during the lunch break or at the end of the day.
  • If a girl used to tie a band on a boy’s wrist in public they were assumed as couples. Until the same girl tied rakhi after a few days.
  • Nobody ever accepted it but all of us took friendship day as a challenge, the more bands you got, the cooler and popular you were!

I still miss celebrating it the way we used to do it in school.