Things to avoid doing on your V Day date

Check out the list of things that you must avoid doing on your valentine’s date:

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and romance with your special someone. And it is again that time of the year. We do our best to make this day the most romantic and happy one. While some couples opt for a traditional dinner while some go for a vacation, everyone has their plans. But, there are certain things that you should avoid on your valentine’s date.

  • Don’t talk about your past

Never talk about your past with your present valentine. Referencing the past can act as an indicator to your present partner that you’re not ready for a real relationship with them.

  • Don’t propose

Don’t get carried away with the romantic vibe and propose your partner. Just enjoy the love and fun atmosphere of the day and save the idea of proposing or another day.

  • Don’t drink too much

Don’t drink a lot, there are chances that you must give a wrong impression to the person. Drink in your limits, only the amount that you can handle.

  • Don’t fight

In case something turns out to be bad on your date, do not start the fight. You might ruin a lovely evening and day for both of you. So wait till the next day to discuss the issues.

  • Don’t go on a first date

First dates are great and fun on any day except Valentine’s Day. You might get too clingy or cheesy and neither make a good first impression on your would-be partner.

  • Don’t gift weird things

Valentine’s Day is not the right time to take risks and experiment with different kinds of gifts. Avoid giving anything that is not of your partner’s taste or choice.