Things you can do to organize an eco-friendly wedding

Ways you can make your wedding better for the environment:

The problem of pollution is rising day by day, and thus, everyone is making an effort to save our environment. However, only a few are seen taking some unbelievable actions for this cause and one of them is, going for an eco-friendly wedding. Thus, to make you also aware of how it can actually be organized check out these 5 main ways:


Invitations are only for one time use so why to waste?  Instead of getting it made from outside, save paper and send a beautiful invite video or message online. In today’s time, almost everyone is active on social media so it’s hardly a problem!

Say No to plastic


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Earth Day. 22nd April🌿 Our philosophy: Function Vs Fancy. The best things in life are simple, functional and intentional. Everyday we see news clips of our oceans contaminated with plastic, our landfills clogged with waste and we usually just sigh, sign a petition and move on. We urge you to this Earth Day to make better choices, starting with the next event you plan. Choose chalkboards, glass or mirror signs over printed sunboards and flex banners…. something your event planner can reuse. Ring shop responsibly.. track the origins of your diamond. Choose eco-friendly invites like seed paper or recycled paper which are easily available now. Avoid plastic water bottles at your wedding.. ditch the straws… choose glassware/ metalware over plastic. Use your natural surroundings.. if there is a gorgeous tree at your wedding venue, use that as a mantap rather than constructing a shamiana. Choose local and in season flowers at your event. The possibilities are endless! Help us, help you decrease the waste that enters our landfills and oceans. Choose consciously With Love henceforth, keeping in mind our gorgeous Mother Earth🌿 Happy Earth Day to you! 🙂 . . . . . . . . Image from the #weirdoandbeardo wedding. #earthday #earthday2018 #earthday🌎 #ecofriendlyweddings #ecofriendlywrdding #sustainableliving #consciousliving #zerowastewedding #bangaloreventdesigner #bangaloreweddingplanners #indianweddingdesigner #bangaloreeventstylist #bangaloreventdesigner #withlovenilma

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Find alternatives like wooden, cane and steel chairs or go for floor beddings to make it look unique and traditional. Apart from this, steel glasses and jugs are washed and reused instead of the disposables and food can be served on a banana leaf. Use glass crockery, steel but skip the plastics!

Gift boxes


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🎀Most wedding cake makers use the most gorgeous, beautiful, pink and sparkly packaging for their postal sample boxes but I never seem to follow the crowd 🤣 🌿I hate the amount of single use waste we throw away so although my sample boxes won’t look as pretty as others, I followed my heart and use more eco-friendly, greener and kinder packaging! ……………………………………………………………….. 🎁Each post box is made with recycled kraft cardboard 🎉Padding is recycled shredded tissue paper (sorry no bubble wrap to pop!) 🍰Each cake is wrapped in a plant based type cellophane which is biogradable and compostable 🌿My tissue paper is recycled and printed with water based inks 🐼My napkins are made from bamboo 🧵I use string twine to tie things together 🍴Recycled wooden cutlery 🌻Sticky tape is recycled plastic and parcel tape is paper and latex (rubber tree) 💚My business cards are printed on recycled card using vegetable based inks. The most frustrating part is by being kinder its cost me more pennies then just using single use plastic but I think it’s worth it by not being a cost to our beautiful planet 🌍🌿🤗

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You can send a special requesting note in your invite for the guests asking them not to bring gift boxes and, in spite of them write some warm wishes for their future. A counter for this can be placed at the corner for people to do this while leaving the ceremony.


No wedding is complete without beautiful decorations as it turns the entire place into a fairytale world. So, to go for eco-friendly marriage select organic flowers or the ones that can be rebloomed.  Many also go for potted blooms, plants or topiaries as centerpieces so that it can be replanted after the wedding. Also, look for the seasonal and fresh flowers; don’t go for the ones that are said to be imported as they have chemicals.

Food wastage

The saddest thing about any wedding is wastage of food. The reason behind this is, everyone asks the caterers to make extra so that nothing gets finished before every guest eats it. However, the best option in such a situation is, coordinate with any orphanage or social workers and at the end of the wedding feed all the poor people with the food left.