Women’s day: 10 promises to make to yourself

Promises to make to yourself

Women's day
Women’s day

They say kindness begins at home, so why not imbibe this for the upcoming women’s day and make a few promises to make your life better. By being happier you can be more at peace with the world and confident about yourself. Here are 10 promises you must make to yourself to live your life to the fullest:

‘I Promise I Will Not Try to Control Everything.’
We women are imbued with this certain sense of control, we want our life our plans o happen in a certain way. But understand fate and luck also have some play in your life and your life (and other’s around you) cannot work in clockwork precision you think it should. Relax take it easy and enjoy this unpredictable journey called life!


‘I Promise That I Will Accept Both My Strengths And My Flaws.’
By accepting your strengths (like family and work) you are making yourself confident and by accepting your weaknesses (food, gossiping) you are becoming humble. Never let that better than everyone else attitude hamper your life. Often that is when we start looking at the world wih a crooked view!

‘I Promise I Will Appreciate Others for Who They Are.’
To be happy, we need to connect with people who they really are, not their fake avatars we meet everyday. Picture perfect people look good only in pictures, so aapreciate they people around you. Yes they might be dull, boring or old but atleast they are more real than those perfect people. In fact talk to one of those perfect people and you will realise it is just a facade.

‘I Promise I Will Speak Kindly to Myself.’
Hate your hair, dress sense, fat or the way you react? Well all women are harsher on themselves than others. In fact we are our own worse enemies and often this constant hard words we speak to ourselves are the bigest reason for our downfall! Use inspiring, encouraging and comforting words every time you speak to yourself. Believe in yourself and see the world around you change.

‘I Promise I Will Do What I Think It’s Right.
Sometimes the world around you makes you take actions, which you would never have otherwise. Stick to a bad marriage or be nice to a bad boss. But sometimes speak your mind and do what you think is right. Often many women, under the pressure of the society, end up doing thing which they wouldn’t otherwise.  You are a part of the choices you’ve made along the way, so good or bad, at least they are yours and help you grow as a person.

Happy times
Happy times

‘I Promise I Will Have Fun No Matter What I Do.’
Juggling to get that home-work balance to a perfect equilibrium many of us forget to have fun along the way. Remember your work or home will not get distorted, neither will your dreams die if you have some good fun along the journey. Atleast once a week do something that gives you immense happiness. Try something new or pick up an old hobby or just have fun with your friends.

‘I Promise I Will Choose My Battles Wisely.’
In life, you will get involved or embroiled in many a battle. You should choose them wisely because you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Take the responsibility for your choices. You don’t need to accept every challenge offered to you and sometimes in life it’s better not to fight than fight a battle you are not sure of.


‘I Promise I Will Love WholeHeartedly Always’
Broken relatonships, unfullfilled promises can often jinx your view about love but this year promise to fall in love wholeheartedly. Yes your heart might break but atleast you will emerge stronger!

‘I Promise Not to Judge Anyone’
This is something that every woman enjoys doing: judging others. It’s something we do subconsciously, we evaluate people based on looks, clothes, their phone, their way of talking. But we never realise, that we might be loosing out on good friends with this frivolous attitude. Also you never know what they are facing in life!

‘I Promise to Connect to My Family More’
This promise everyone needs. Remember your parents are getting older and supported you when you were a baby now its your turn. Take care of them and never take your family for granted.

Try to keep these promises to yourself because by doing this, you’ll be able to build a happier, healthier and more meaningful life for yourself!