Illogical taboos about menstruation

Illogical taboo related to mensuration:

In India, everything has myths and taboos attached to it. Nothing can change the mindset of people as they  still believe in old theories and beliefs. In India social and cultural barriers give rise to taboos, for example a menstrual cycle is linked to impurity and women have to stick to them.  Each and every culture, religion or area has their own taboos about menstruation and here are some of the common myths about menstruation that still exist.

  • Women can’t enter a holy place

This is believed and followed by almost every woman in the country. They are considered to be impure on those 5 days of the month so are prohibited to enter any holy place.

This process is created by god then why can’t we worship?

  • She can’t cook

People of rural India think if women will cook food, she will spoil it. As they are considered to be impure their impurity will ruin the food.

If this is followed then boy should also learn cooking.

Women cooking
Women cooking
  • She is not allowed to wash her hair

On first two days of their period, a girl is not allowed to shampoo her hair. In earlier times bathing and washing hair while bleeding might have been difficult but today it is one and the same thing.

  • She is considered impure and cursed!

In some parts of the country, women are considered cursed during the menstrual cycle.

Can someone please explain what makes her impure?

  • She can’t sleep on bed

We can understand this taboo for the ancient times, as there were no sanitary napkins at  and cloth was used so ladies used to sleep on the floor to avoid stains.

But why is it followed in modern times?

  • She can’t wear new clothes

As she is impure at that time of the month, she cannot wear a new dress or even buy a new one.

  • She is untouchable

In some families, when a woman is going through her menstrual cycle she becomes untouchable. No family member will touch her or give her food and water. She has to help herself.  The blood loss causes weakness still they have to work.

In some parts of the country, she is considered impure and suffers from isolation, whereas in some cultures the first period is celebrated and girls on periods are given special attention. “Menstruation is not a disease, it is a necessary process.