Perks of having an elder brother

Here is why having a cool elder brother is the best thing:

Siblings are a blessings and a brother and sister relationship is the purest and best in this world. On one hand, they are our friends while on the other they are our enemies too. They are sweet and sour like a candy tease you a lot but loves you as well. I am blessed to have an elder brother and here is why I feel everyone should have one.

  • You can share your problems with him

No matter how much you fight, but you know that you have his shoulder to lean on. He is always there to listen to your problems and gives a solution to them as well.

  • He helps you understand boys

Who else can understand boys better than boys? He helps you to understand boys better, and advises you on how to get through with boys.

  • He is your ATM

One of the biggest benefits of having an elder brother is that he is your ATM machine. He is an extra source of pocket money and also you get birthday gifts and money for shopping as well.

  • Support you in your plans

So when your parents are not getting convinced to send you on a trip or night stay, elder brothers come to the rescue. They help in convincing the parents, after all, they have also done all that in the past.

  • He sometimes becomes a driver for you

“Hello, brother please come and pick me up”, tadda he is always there to come and pick you up. It feels great to have a personal driver you know.

  • He is the lifetime bodyguard

Having an elder brother means you have a bodyguard for life. He is your protector, tell him that some guy is bothering you and you will never see him close to you again.

  • Tells you all the cool stuff

Elder brothers often teaches us about pop culture and cool stuff. He makes you follow the fashion and culture.

  • He will always love you

No matter what he will always love you!