Signs that show your Bhabi is your bestie

Things that show you and your Bhabi have unconditional love for each other:

You might have heard that many girls have problem with their nanads in our society but there are also some who feels lucky to have them. At times some relations become so strong that the real ones are not able to match it. So, here let’s check out the signs that shows your Bhabi is your best friend:

  • You never hesitate in sharing anything about your life with her. She knows all your secrets and you don’t have any fear that they will be disclosed. Be it good or bad, she is the first one you go to talk with.

  • She always saves you in tough situations. Whether it’s an argument with your parents or brother, she is always there to fight for you. In short, she is the true savior.

  • She pampers you the most, from your favorite dishes to what you love the most, she knows it all. Your Bhabi can bring smile on your face anytime.

  • Traveling is just fun with her. Instead of trips with friends you want more often to go out with her, she is your real buddy.

  • She is a perfect mediator within you and your boyfriend. Her tips always works for you and get things sorted in your relationship.

  • Along with being too sweet, she is also strict at times when needed. Just like your mother even she is protective for you and always wants you to keep her updated about what you are doing.

  • She is your sister first and then, your sister-in-law. You don’t need anyone when she is around. Both of you know well how to clear the misunderstanding and don’t let it hamper your bond.

  • For every occasion you take her for shopping and ask her to select the clothes for you. The best shopping partner and your fashion guru too.