Things that happen after your sister gets married

Check out some emotional things that happen after your sister’s wedding:

She is the one who shouts on you and fights like crazy, but she is also the one who cares for you like a mother. Right from being the first BFF, a partner in crime and the support system- a sister is everything and mine is my life. She is irritating at times but is the cutest person. And seeing her getting married is a mixed feeling, it is a circle of emotions. There is an excitement for jutta chuppai, preparing for dance performance and to dress-up at the wedding. But behind all this, there is also a realization that she is going away from you. My sister recently got married and there is not a single day that I don’t miss her. Here are some emotional things that happen after your sister gets married and we are sure you will agree:

  • Who will convince your parents?

When your parents strictly say you “No” who is going to convince them in person. You will miss the elder sister convincing power.

  • Whose wardrobe will you share?

Wearing your sister’s dress without her notice is one thing we all have done. You can’t do it anymore, this will end now.

  • No more fights for TV remote

You will be the only one to watch TV now, so no fighting. You will miss these fights.

  • The room won’t feel the same

You always wanted the entire bed and room, but now when she is not around, the emptiness will make you sad. There won’t be anyone to sleep with you, you have to manage alone. And for someone like me who is afraid of darkness, this is a real struggle.

  • Who will arrange your wardrobe now?

As the wardrobe is yours, now you will have to arrange it by yourself.

  • Who will help you with online shopping?

You will miss the late night shopping session with her.

  • Who will defend you now?

When you will be at fault, who will defend you from your parents?

  • You will miss the random parties?

Happy mood? Don’t want to eat ghar ka khaana? You will have to order food for yourself.

  • What about the gossip sessions?

We all know how therapeutic are late night gossip session, you are deeply gonna miss this.

  • You won’t be her priority now

With her new relationships, her priorities will change. She won’t be available to listen to all your problems quickly now.

  • Next is your turn

Get ready to hear “aglaa number tera hai”

  • But hey, you got one more best friend, your jiju

Your elder sister has always pampered you like a child and now one more person joins the club, your jiju. You will get more one best friend and finally, you will be able to relish jija-saali relationship.

  • You will feel grown up

Now, this is one of the major change that you will see. You will suddenly start feeling more responsible towards your family and home, your emotional connect with your parents will grow.

With this, all I have to say is, I love and miss you. Sisters are the most important and beautiful part of our lives. Cheers to this forever bond!