Impressing in-laws made easy

A still from Sasural Simar Ka

Marriage is not about you and your partner, but the families too. In case of love marriages impressing your mother-in-law can give you jitters. A healthy bonding with the in-laws is as important as bonding with your hubby-to-be. Sometimes, the in-laws can be strict and building a bond with them may prove tricky.  But with confidence you can make this relationship smooth. Try these ways to impress them.

 Go easy on the make up: Wear minimal make up as heavy made-up look screams fake! Avoid bright eye-shadows and vampish dark lip colours. Look dewy and glowy by using some foundation, kohl, eyeliner and a sheer lip colour. Trust your natural prettiness to awe them not a cheap pan-caked look.

Give Compliments:  Everyone loves compliments and your future in-laws are no exception. Compliment your future mother-in-law for her house or jewelry and attire. What a pretty sari!, I love your ring; Love the way you have decorated the house.  Butter up but don’t go over the top. Remember compliment on the details not in general ones. Saying you loved the ring makes them think you notice things and like the ring genuinely.

Dress to impress: Choose your attire carefully wear proper fitted clothes. Don’t forget you are going to meet your would be in-laws prefer traditional. A simple salwar suit or a kurti with less embellishment is ideal for the occasion.

Appreciate your partner: It’s good to appreciate to your partner in front of his parents but don’t be over possessive. Never get touchy feely! Don’t give statements that can make his mother insecure. Never disclose secrets.

Do some homework:  Ask your partner to share their likes and dislikes, family atmosphere, culture and little about rituals with you before you set the meeting.

Speak politely:  In this male dominated society, loud girls are not appreciated specially as bahus! So it’s very important for you to keep a check on your tone and speak softly and politely.

Never get drunk: No matter how modern your in-laws are never get drunk in front of them. If they ask you for a drink go easy and don’t just start gulping vodka. Basic Indian etiquette: always refuse first but in case they force you (which they will) take a Bacardi breezer or beer.

Wear a smile: Face is the index of your mind so always wear a smile (fake or natural is your call).  Show them that you are enjoying their company. Even if they use some harsh words, simply ignore and smile .