Mistakes most married couples make

Couple fighting/freedigitalphotos

Martial bliss is so much fun but many couples tend to ignore some issues which lead to dissatisfaction and fights later on. Here we cover the common mistakes married couples make. The key to solving them is to talk.

The ‘loan’: Money is the biggest reason for fights, arguments in married couples. Many of us have loans for studies, cars, marriage, personal or home loans and often we do not discus these issues as a couple. Clear your financial status and future plans to your partner to avoid any arguments later.

Alienating friends: Friends are important for a marriage to succeed because friends make a person evolve on a personal level so do not skip that girls night out just because you are hitched  Give your guy the space to hold a guys night.

Not enough sex: After the honeymoon phase, most Indian couples go into a sex rut. The reason is very simple: settling down into your house and a new routine takes time. But even if you are busy take out time to enjoy and do the deed. Lack of sex can take away the luster from a marriage.


Becoming lazy: Pampering and pruning yourself is a must. So do book a pampering session routinely. Getting lazy about your looks and your body will make you insecure in the future. Avoid this trap.

Handling in-laws: Living with in-laws is stressful for girls but try understanding your husband maybe feeling awkward too. Manage their expectations by telling them how much house work you can cope with. This instills clarity in the relationship. Also make your hubby comfortable with your parents. Even if your husband starts bitching about his family resist the urge (we know it is difficult) to add more fodder, it will go against you later.

Fight sensibly: Getting married doesn’t make you someone’s property and vice-versa. Never fight unfair, no name calling  abusing or ohysical fighting should happen. If you feel the fight is spiraling out of control walk out of the room, have a glass of water. Discuss the issues when you both are cooler.

The B word: In India everyone around a couple is fixated with a baby. But as a couple discuss this before taking a big step. Are you both ready for feeding and changing diapers at 4 am? Or is it just family pressure?