Perks of marrying your best-friend

Benefits of having your best friend as your life partner:

A wedding is a beautiful tradition where two people tie the knot and get united. It is a very big step and should always be taken when you are completely sure and ready to get hitched. Often we are told to choose our partner wisely and yes it is a once-a-lifetime decision hence it is important to understand what all you need to look for in your life partner. Often we hear people gush about marrying their best friends and it is true! It’s not an easy task to find a perfect life partner, and there can’t be anyone better than a friend. So, here are the perks of getting married to your best friend:

Can share everything

We get conscious in telling everything to a person whom we don’t know for a long time. But, when it comes to our best friend we share each and everything without even thinking twice. Whether it is tragic, funny or awkward we can express our feelings openly with them and they also take a full interest.  So, the conversation is never one-sided.

Do not have to be too formal

Mostly when we are newly married, things take time to settle down. Before saying or doing anything you think about your partner’s lookout towards that particular thing. But, with your Best buddy, you can always stay in a chilling mode from the beginning. You can crack silly jokes, act stupid at times and laugh out louder without even bothering about how he will judge you. You both can always make each other smile in your sad times.

Knowing each other in and out

Best friends share a very strong bond. Without telling anything they can make out whether your mood is good or bad. You don’t need to make them understand your likes and dislikes. They already have an idea about all your favorite food, movies, places etc. There is no requirement for making extra efforts to know each other deeply.

Accept you the way you are

The best thing about getting married to your best friend is, they accept you the way you are. You will never feel uncomfortable with them and will not be afraid of showing your emotions to them. Even if you will wear something weird or do something idiotic you will not be embarrassed. You can be exactly the way you are because they love you for all the qualities and flaws you have. They will always support your decision and will not dominate you.


The foundation of marriage is trust, marrying your best friend assures you that you both can always count on each other. You can trust each other for staying on their words, for always taking care, loving wholeheartedly and taking right decisions even when one of you aren’t around.

You are each other’s strength

Best friends are each other’s strength. When one falls, the other boosts him to get up and fight. Similarly, after marriage, you both always hold each other’s hand and stand like a pillar. You are a motivation for your partner and have seen all the ups and downs in life together so you are always ready for it.