Our childhood Independence Day memories

Check out some fun childhood memories of Independence Day: 

On 15th August you can not help but be nostalgic as it is the day of patriotism. Be it a kid or an adult, everyone has their own memories related to Independence day. As Independence Day is just around the corner, let’s open the box of memories and relive them. Well, I am sure most of you will be able to relate to these.

  • Getting up early to watch the parade on TV 
  • Planning a terrace party with groups of friends, to dance, and have snacks. 
  • Flying kites and enjoying it. 

  • Preparing for flag hoisting ceremony in the morning 
  • Getting ready in Tricolor clothes to get all the patriotic feels 
  • Clicking pictures with friends to post on social media 
  • Tuning into patriotic songs

  • Having delicious tri-color food items 
  • Doing decorations with tri-color theme and flags 

  • Flying balloons in the sky to show our happiness. 

In childhood, Independence day was supposed to be a function for all of us. What is your best memory of Independence day?