CBSE Boards: 5 habits to score big in exams

Check out five ultimate tips for success in exams:


The Central Board of Secondary Education exams 2019 would commence soon. The practicals have already started in many schools. The theory and final examination of CBSE are just a month away. It is now mandatory for students to appear in board exams.

The score of CBSE examination is very important in a student’s life.  By this time the students appearing for the exams feel nervous, which is quite normal. But they need to keep in mind that great planning can help them score good marks. Just before the exams start, the CBSE toppers revealed habits that help score well in boards:


Check out the habits below:

  1. Notes:  Every topper had a strong habit of making notes. It is also observed that writing the lesson makes it easy to remember them. It is also easy for a student to recall the lessons that they have made notes of themselves. Taking notes from friends is enough, but for good scores, you need to make them yourself.
  2. NCERT books: Every topper has revealed about their trust in NCERT for their CBSE Board preparations. They also use reference books but it is ultimately the NCERT that they thoroughly used.
  3. Early morning study: Start your day early, is something that most of the CBSE toppers did. Over the years most of the CBSE toppers shared their daily routine that usually included getting up early in the morning. Many also revealed about doing revision at 4 or 5 in the morning.

  4. 12-15 hours study a day: The toppers shared that on an average they would study 12 to 15 hours a day. In a day they would take 2 hours rest, 6 hours of sleeping and small breaks.
  5. CBSE Sample Papers: if you want to score well then this is something you surely have to do. Solve as many sample papers as you can. All the toppers have a habit of solving sample papers before board examinations. Starting from January the revision patterns of them included solving sample papers and then getting them checked from their teachers to understand where they lack.