Father’s Day special: Phrases all the dads use

Here are some phrases all dads end up using!

Mothers are famous for the phrases that they use in daily lives, but did you ever notice our dad’s also use some fixed phrases. We all love our dad’s, but sometimes they use phrases which can make you go crazy. And this might be a pass on the game; he used to hear all this from his dad, so now it is your turn. As father’s day is approaching, we present you the list of phrases that dad’s use to utter.

Father's Day
Father’s Day
  • The most favorite saying – “When I was your age, I used to manage everything like- Public transport/ studying/ less pocket money”
    Every time you will ask for something new you will get to hear this. “Tumhari umaar mein hum sab karlete they”.
  • This one is for money – “Money doesn’t grow on trees”
    When you ask for money and he is ready to shoot this to you. Don’t ask for new phone or car/bike because he doesn’t have a money tree. He gives the money but with this phrase like ALWAYS.
  • “Ask you mother”
    He uses this phrase when his answer is no, but he doesn’t want to say it you. He suggests you to ask your mother, and take easy way to get him out of the discussion.
  • He uses it when he wants you to keep his secret safe “Don’t tell your mom”
    You can usually hear it when he has made a decision on his own and he doesn’t want your mom to know about it.

    Father catching a nap
    Father catching a nap

  • “I’m not sleeping; I’m just resting my eyes”
    He wants to sleep but no he just has to rest and then go back to doing something else. He is a superhero how can he rest!
  • “You will understand when you will grow older”
    Whenever you get stubborn or you don’t understand something he will say this to make you realize that you are still a kid.

    High low dresses
    Change that dress

  • This one is especially for girls- “You are not going out in that”
    The moment you are ready to leave the house for an outing or party, suddenly you will see him caring for you, by saying you not to wear indecent clothes.
  • I am not going to tell you again”
    He use it whenever he has made his final decision and he is not going to change it. By hearing this you will get a hint that he has now decided.
  • Whenever you compare yourself with any of your friend saying that you also want that thing because your friend has it, he will say – “Tu bhi kuein mei kudega”? – If you were told to jump over a cliff, would you?

    Indulge in some retail therapy to beat post honeymoon blues/freedigitalphotos
    Indulge in some retail therapy to beat post honeymoon blues/freedigitalphotos

  • He hates shopping, whenever you will tell him you are going out for shopping, he is ready to fire- “You have so many clothes, but you always want everything new”.

Whatever you say to us, or scold us, we know you do this out of care and concern, love you, dad! Father’s are blessings in one‘s life.