Here’s how to have that Mensuration talk with your daughter

Talk away that ‘period’ taboo

Talking to your daughter about menstruation is often a uncomfortable topic especially in India. Many women feel that their daughters will learn about this from their peers, or in school or just figure it out by themselves. They are hesitant as there is just so much to tell and the mothers wonder how their little girls will react or even understand all that is happening. But, it is very important for every mother to make their daughters understand about mensuration as it is a very important part of every girl’s life.

It’s never too early to talk to your daughter about menstruation

How to Talk to Your Daughters about Mensuration

Many mothers think their daughters are too young to understand what exactly is going on and feel it is best left for when the children are older. It is important to remember that there is no particular time or age that is too soon to talk to your daughter. Girls face many psychological and physical changes as they approach adolescence. Many girls start their periods as early as 10 or 11 years of age. So make sure that you brief them about this so that they are prepared.

Normalize Periods

Nowadays girls are exposed to so much knowledge so use that technology to help ypu make her understand the body changes and what they mean. It is necessary to educate your daughter and have the birds and bees aka sex talk too. Talk about mensuration as it is a normal thing much like feeling hungry and eating food. Do not make it an issue, keep your tone casual while talking to your daughter.

Answer all questions that your daughter may ask

How to Talk to Your Daughters about Mensuration

It is also important to not ignore any questions your daughter may ask, either during the conversation or even after. If you will not answer her questions, it will lead to unnatural curiosity and a quest for your daughter to find out the information that she wants to know. Be honest, accurate and open with your daughter. Answer questions as and when they are put to you. Do not share information that may not be needed at the time, your daughter has to adapt what you have told her and this takes time.

Take Help From Elders

Puberty is also a time when a girl becomes aware of her own sexuality. Feelings of being different or feeling dirty may rise. It is best to ensure that your daughter realizes that this is all normal and very much a part of growing up. You can take help from your aunts or elder people to hit home the point that it happens to everyone and at different ages as well.

Speak to your daughter as a friend. Make sure that your daughter is educated and aware of what will happen to her.