Lies every Desi Parent says to their kids

Excuses that our parents make:

During our childhood we all believe what our parents say but, as time goes by, we realize that just to make us a good person they used to give excuses. So, this article will surely take you back in those funny and cute memories. Here are here are 15 Lies that every Indian Parent must have said to their children:

Tomorrow that never comes

Let’s go home baby, I promise will get you this toy tomorrow for sure.

While going for getting vaccinations.

Don’t worry son it will not at all hurt you. It’s just a matter of 1 minute.

When you want to play games on your mum’s phone.

I think it is hanged or maybe not working properly!

When you don’t sleep on time.

If you will not sleep early, Bhoot uncle will come and take you!

When kids want to drink tea.

‘Chai pene se Kaale ho jate hai’!

Mumma from where these little babies come?

Sweet Heart God sends them as a gift!

What is papa drinking?

It’s a bitter medicine for releasing headache!

For Green Vegetables

If you will not eat this healthy food, you will not grow and will remain small.

Where are my chocolates?

I think the rat has eaten them!

Regarding studies

This is the only time for studies after that ‘ Aish hi aish hai’!

Repetitive warnings

Don’t become naughty otherwise, we will send you to the hostel!

No need for privacy

Parents should know each and everything! Got it?

Never ending blackmail

If you will not listen to me! I will go someday away from you.

Being a boy

‘Shame on you’, Boys don’t cry!

When it comes to looks.

My darling looks like a princess!