First timer’s guide to travelling solo

How to travel solo perfectly

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This winter make your vacation a bit more exciting, beautiful and safest to let your hair down. Here are some travel tips regarding how to make your solo trip an enriching experience which you will cherish forever. These tips are given by Mr Rohan Rajgharia, CEO Mana hotels tells how you can make the best of it.

Safety comes first

If you are planning for a solo trip make sure your first priority is your own safety especially if you are travelling all by yourself as theft and harassment are two big concerns for women these days. Your safety is in your hand so be prepared, be self-reliant and don’t depend on strangers. Always carry basic things while you are travelling like a map, a guide book, packed food, a water bottle and a first aid box etc.

Be friendly & confident

When you travel its obvious everyone is stranger to you until and unless you make any effort for an interaction, through this you might get to know an awesome traveler or a person who prefers to travel aimlessly. If you feel uncomfortable during the interaction just walk away. It’s totally okay to be rude when safety is concerned. But at the same time there are certain woman traveler groups who arrange travel trips for women groups to add more fun and make your journey more enjoyable and exciting .

Travel light

Be a smart traveler, pack light and don’t get burdened by unnecessary luggage which can turn out to be a super experience spoiler. Instead opt for a backpack & bon voyage!

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Knowledge about the destination

Gather all the information about your destination as much as you can, it’s beneficial to stay updated .be sure and give a quick review of cultural background; it will be an added convenience throughout your trip.

Hotel proximity to the sight

Don’t forget to dig out information about the hotels near railways station, bus terminals and airports .sorting things will help you to spend more time exploring things, places and culture of the particular place. Without wasting much of the time in commuting .it will eventually reflect how aware traveler you are.

Public conveyance

Transportation facility is one of the most essential parts of travel plans. It depends on the type of place you have chosen for a trip .the best way is to be economical and go for public conveyance which can easily be available over there and be on the move.


Always make some advance planning for your trip that’s a sign of a good traveler. Make sure that your reservations for return journey are already done, with that keep an idea of various “must – visit” locations of your destination. This will not only save you from hap-hazard situations but will make your experience worth visit. Also keep a check on your travel budget, you should have a rough estimate of the experience and spend accordingly, so that you can pull -off your entire trip in an easy manner.

Try to travel during the day

Try to begin your journey during the day for the reason that most of the assault and harassment tend to happen during late evenings and night, hence its optimal to travel during the day. But despite that if you travel at night make sure you will choose good and safer mode of transport.

Make sure to keep in touch

While travelling the best thing is to connect with your colleagues, or your loved ones through calls, texts and other social networking platforms to ensure them that you are safe.

Your guide in your pocket

In case you lost your way, be tech savvy and find your way through various apps and signage around .while travelling always download suitable  travel and safety apps, a currency converter, some travel guide and power bank for your phone battery.

Carry important documents

While travelling always carry photocopy of your important documents like passport, identity cards and always store all these important items in one place so you have no difficulty to find your important documents.