Overweight teens pick up smoking quicker!

Teens and smoking
Teens and smoking/weheartit

Is your teen fat or were you obese as a teenager? Beware! Chances are you or your child will pick up smoking cigarettes quicker. According to a study overweight or obese teenagers are more likely to become regular smokers as compared to average weight teens.

The study based on based on data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health showed a correlation between high body mass index (BMI) and cigarette smoking in young adulthood.

So to ensure your teen doesn’t smoke instill knowledge about the ill effects of smoking. Also make sure they remain healthy by regular exercise and restricting junk food to once a week. Peer pressure also needs to be checked as most teens try smoking to impress their friends.

According to the lead author H. Isabella Lanza, Ph.D., “ young people smoked cigarettes for a variety of reasons”. But for overweight or obese adolescents, the increased desire to improve social standing or fit in with others increases the chances of engaging in regular cigarette smoking.

Various studies show a correlation between BMI and substance abuse. The study was published in American Journal of Health Behavior.