Summers: Sunscreen secrets for parents

We all want to protect our little ones from harsh elements of the world. Recently after a conversation with friend I realized I knew nothing about protecting my toddler from the sun! Picking a child friendly sunscreen is one of them. Though drugstore offers a diverse variety of sun protection, promising different variations of coverage from SPF 15 to 50, UVA or UVB but is is  tough to single out the best one. As parents we must know that the best sunscreen can provide least protection if not used properly. Never pick the best looking pack, rather go through the following MUST check points:


Sunscreen for kids
Sunscreen for kids

Sunscreen for babies

It is highly recommended to not to use sunscreen for a babies of below six months. And a baby sunscreen never guarantees the safety so the ingredients must be checked well in advance.

The reality of ‘organic’ sunscreen

You should know that organic doesn’t mean herbal or sunscreen, it means the chemical built from carbon molecule. You’ll never see a mineral rich sunscreen with the word ‘organic’ because it does not contain carbon molecules.

Meaning of broad spectrum SPF

The broad spectrum labeled sunscreens are duly tested and scientifically approved sunscreens that protects the skin dangers like cancer, sunburns, skin damage, aging etc. from UVA and UVB rays. So, whenever you go for the next buy, put broad spectrum labeled sunscreen in your basket.

Higher SPF is better?

Full form of SPF is sun protection factor. The simplest way to understand that how SPF works is: If you are using SPF 15 then your skin will take 15 times longer time to get sun damaged than if you weren’t applying any sunscreen lotion. The 50+ SPF is the highest one which is recommended so if you find SPF 200 cream, most likely it is not relevant at all. The safest SPF range is 30 to 50.

Recheck amount of Zinc oxide

Higher amount of zinc oxide can cause diaper rash. Mineral sunscreen usually have an ample amount of sunscreen which makes them hard to apply, pick the mineral cream with active boosters which is body friendly and has less effect of zinc oxide.

Hope this helps you as it helped us understand sunscreen!