The Honest dictionary: What our moms actually mean

Mothers especially Indian always have different meaning of everything which is both funny and adorable at the same time. As Mother’s day week is going on so Team AAW lists the honest meanings of words according to moms. If you are mom we are sure , you will easily relate with it.

WordWhat our mom means
AdulthoodThe thing which her child is never going to get
BoostIs not the secret of her energy
ChoiceYour choice is automatically her choice.
DictatorshipDon’t argue, she is always right
EatRepeat this action three times on every meal.
Full nameWhat she use when she is angry with you. Remember Amar Choudhary from Salman’s film Ready?
GiftKid’s first step
HolidayThere is no word like this
InnocentWhat her child is
Job24×7 till the last breath
KnifeTool to scare toddlers
LessonWhich must be taught to neighbours
MemoriesBaby books, videos and photographs
NormalHer continuous rants on not eating on time or waking up before seven
Old-fashionedHer all the cloths (including the ones she brought last month), she wants more
PartyA group of young guns wasting their time doing nonsense.
Quality timeAfternoon at the movies, dinner at the restaurant.
RushThe supermarket queue
SiblingsThe cute devils of her life
TeacherThe one who she has to face on parent teachers meeting instead of dad.
UnwantedDaily new baby advises
VictoryWhen her child tops in the class
WeddingWhere kids cannot be taken
XylophoneAn irritating instrument her husband got for kids
YellA perfect weapon when nobody is listening to her
ZooA place which was used to be her home before kids