Thoughts that girls have when they miss their mommy’s call

Things that come in our mind when we see our Mom’s missed call:

No matter how old you grow, the protective nature of your mommy always remains the same. We often miss the calls from our friends, relatives or siblings but when it is the Mom, it leads to a panic attack. This happens because a lot of thoughts immediately strike in our mind and we become really anxious to know why she would be calling. Here are some of the common ones that you would definitely relate to:

Oh God, I know she must be asking. ‘You had your dinner’?

Shitt! What blunder I have done now? Did I forget something?

I think she must be calling to ask me ‘What to make for lunch’?

Mom and Dad must have fought again on some useless topic.

I am sure she wants something from the market!

Ummm, I think her detective mode is on. She must want to know where exactly I am.

I hope she did not have called my other friends for asking about me.

Oh no, she asked me to call and I forgot again. Now she will definitely say you never have time for me.

‘I hope she is fine’. Her reports were coming today.

I am sure Mumma has got to know that I am not in any class.

Oh My God, has somebody seen me with him?

Oh no, it’s 3 o clock, I had to pick Mumma from the mall at 2.