How to deal with a difficult boss

Deal with a difficult boss/pixabay
Deal with a difficult boss/pixabay

The movie Devil wears Prada is so true for many working Indian women. Bosses they say come in all shapes and sizes, some moody, others temperamental. Work is fun with a good boss but everyone is not that lucky! Chances are at least once in our career, you will always encounter the Devil wears Prada boss who will constantly criticize, dominate and shout.

In such a situation the work environment gets unpleasant and the work too gets affected. Resignation or cribbing is not the solution but finding ways to avoid this rude behaviour is important. AAW tells you some easy ways to deal with your superior and make your life better

Be calm: Be calm and composed as your emotional outburst will make him torture you further. If you are patient he will not find any scope to continue his abuses and criticism. “The keep your mouth shut strategy works well for me when my boss is on a shouting spree,” says 27-year-old journalist Amrita Singh.

Appreciate: We understand that it will be difficult for you to boost his ego by appreciating him but fake appreciation does help. “Many people call me an ass licker but appreciating my boss has helped me grow,” says Nomrata Mukherjee. If you praise him chances are that he may do the same.

Be professional: Always keep in mind that you have to be professional in office. Never discuss about your personal life with or in front of your boss. The best way is never to mix personal and professional relations, its a balance which can go wrong never the two mix. As in Zoya’s case, “My boss became my best friend and then one day at work she spilled all my secrets in front of my co-workers.”

 Discuss: As soon your boss offers you a new responsibility, get him to discuss everything in detail to avoid any further confusions. Do your work properly and show your potential. Also keep them in the loop about work updates, this will reflect you are on the project.

Keep everything on mail: Keep all the conversation with your boss on records. If ever the need be, everything is readily available from the chats, e-mails and SMSes.

Talk to a superior: If your boss is becoming unbearable talk to the HR or his superior. But bear in mind, this should be the last resort because after this its going to be miserable office time!

Keep your work updated: Never given him a chance to shout on you, properly complete your work on time.

Does your boss also turn into an over-demanding monster? How do you tackle him/her.Tell us by commenting below: