Unknown post-pregnancy facts

15 post pregnancy tips you must follow/freedigitalphotos
Post Pregnancy/freedigitalphotos

Popping out the baby might seem the most difficult task you performed. But wait its not over yet as Team AAW lists few things you will go through post pregnancy that no one ever told you about

That preggie tummy will stay: Once the baby pops out that tummy will refuse to budge. You will look seven months pregnant for weeks because the swelling and fat on your tummy take time to subside. A wrong C-sec can give you a preggie looking tummy forever!

Parlours, spas, and bathing; what’s that?:  Your maximum time for bathing will be 5 minutes because the baby will always weep when you start enjoying your bath. Parlour visits are going to be restricted to getting your brows done!

You might hate your baby: Immediately after the baby is born the attention shifts from the mother to the baby. Plus everyone will expect you to start feeding and changing diapers like a pro. Add to this the lack of sleep; you won’t really love someone for so much pain?

A woman breastfeeding/freedigitalphotos

Feeding can be a pain: Breast-feeding is supposed to be a natural thing. But it can be quite painful as sometimes there are milk jams! Also some women do not start lactating immediately. Plus, every time you feed you need to clean your nipples with warm water.

Forget fab clothes: Post-pregnancy the choice of dressing up decreases. Your clothes will fit you in a funny way. Also clothes with embellishments, embroidery or buttons are a no-no.

You will hate your hubby: Your hubby will get to sleep the night, he will have a life outside home and he has not really gained those extra, flabby kilos!

New mommy competition: New mothers can be very competitive. Go to visit a pediatrician and you will see. Mothers dressed in amazing clothes with matching accessories, cooing over their new born in slang English. Don’t forget the dripping diamonds!

Sometimes your baby will have no diapers/clothes left: Babies at times go on a peeing or puking spree which results in shortage of clothes. Yes this will happen no matter how many clothes you buy!

You will understand the word ‘unconditional love’: Your baby will love you automatically. There will be moments when you will stare at him and realize how much you love him.