Annoying things girl roommates do

Check out the list of annoying things that out girl roomies do:

Living alone in a flat away from home is a difficult task, and roommates make it easy for us. Living with them is fun, it is creating lots of memories, having endless talks and laughter and just living the best life. But there are few things that every rommie do which are quite annoying. Not every rommie is perfect, infact all of us do some really irritating things.  So, check out the list of annoying things that all girl roommates do:

    • Fighting with their partner at a loud voice

      • Leaving dirty dishes in the sink

    • Not packing up their makeup after they are done with it

    • Being loud and turning on lights in the morning while you are still asleep
    • Using your stuff without asking you

    • Every day late night parties
    • Not cleaning their ash trays
    • Arguing over what to eat every time

    • Forcing you to stay awake while you are sleepy AF
    • Leaving hair in the washbasin

    • Not cleaning up the lobby

    • Taking your clothes without your permission and then hiding it in their wardrobe
    • Not replacing or refilling toilet items like soap and hand washes

    • Not washing clothes till a pile builds up
    • Letting the trash pile up until it looks like a volcano
    • Not ordering groceries on time

  • Snoring is a big issue

No matter how annoying they are. Roommies are the best!