Things introvert girls ALWAYS hear

Common things introvert girls are tired of hearing:

There are some repetitive things that all introverts are fed up of hearing and if you are also one such girl, you would surely relate to it. Here we have the famous phrases all introverts are tired of hearing. Also if you are an extrovert, read on to find out what you might have misunderstood about introverts.

They are antisocial!


Usually introvert people are those who like less of social gatherings and do not enjoy loud music and parties. Because they are always mistaken for being an antisocial person. But, it’s not true. I am also an introvert, I talk less, I party less but that anyway has nothing to do with hating parties and gatherings.

You are really quiet

Why don’t you talk much? You like being quite always? Questions like this will always pour on and one needs to answer, ‘thanks for this new information, I actually didn’t know this about myself’.

You would be happier going outside


Introverts are always advised to start enjoying the outside world to be happy. But the fact is, even alone at home, reading books, having some quiet time for one’s own can be the best happy feeling.

You are too shy!

Describing introverts as shy is totally inaccurate. They intend to speak less but when they speak, they are careful about their words and are more of a person who likes giving a valuable contribution to any conversation.

Are you depressed?


As for extroverts we feel they are sad when they do not talk much, same when others too are not socializing they are mistaken to be depressed. Introverts, on the contrary, love their alone time more.

You are boring

Because introverts do not talk much, do not crack jokes; do not have exciting weekend stories to tell on Mondays, they are tagged as boring!

Don’t you love to hangout?


Just because a person is not ready to hangout with everybody and every now and then, they would hate hanging out! They love it but only when it makes sense.

Why do you always look annoyed?

The answer to it is “Because of useless questions like this”!