Thoughts of a board exam student

Here are few thoughts that every student has during exams.

Board exams are going on and we understand that every students has millions of things going in their head. The fear of what will happen always haunts a board exam student as it is the most important exam for them. Here are the thoughts that student has during the exams

When did I last sleep?

When will I get to sleep? This annoys the most as one wants to sleep but cannot! Sleeping becomes a dream at the time of exams. Students turn insomniacs as the fear of exams does not let one sleep properly.

What if I fail?


This fearful thought always haunts a student of “What if I fail”? Though they study day and night and have completed all the portions, still this questions always pop up.

I wish I could run away from here

The desire of running away at some lonely place where there is no study and no exams is always on a student’s wish list.

When will this torture end?


Exams are stressful so the thought of when the same would end is always on the mind.

Why am I lost?

Being irritated by small things, panicking when even a small study note is misplaced, being lost when talking/eating is all that happens while exams are  going on.

Why are these relatives so concerned?

The relatives who never existed would suddenly come alive to know about the preparations, results date, and future plans. These kind of relatives are the most hated ones specially during the exam period.

A break is what I need!

Exams bring a lot pressure and students always look forward for the break after every few hours.

Who the hell made exams?

Why board exams exists and who made the law of taking board exams is always a query.


How will I party after exams?

Just after the second last exam the planning for the after party starts.