Types of girls you will find in college

We all get excited when we start our freshman year as college life is very different from school. We start exploring ourselves, join extracurricular activities, make new friends and enjoy our life. But in college we meet different types of people too and today we list the kind of girls we come across in a college. 

The Nerd
She will always stay in the class no matter what happens and attends all the classes. You will never see her swearing or in a party. She only talks about academics and starts preparing for an exam a months in advance.

The popular diva

She is the fashionista who loves to dress up. She is very popular for her stylish looks and fashion sense and other girls look up to her for latest trends. Though some find her overdressed but she carries an attitude that too with style.

The party chic

She is the one who loves to party and has plenty of reasons for partying. She is often known as the life of every party and is always ready for a party, even on a weekday.

The mean girl

She is the selfish one who knows how to use others to get the work done. She remains friends  till the work doesn’t get completed. Besides this she is very diplomatic and uses everyone for her work.

The rich girl
The rich girl

The rich one
She is the one who comes from a well off family so she owns the latest phone, wears branded clothes , has expensive accessories. Basically she is Rachel from f.r.i.e.n.d.s  and you always wish to live a life like her.

The social media queen
She has the latest stock of gossips with her and is addicted to social sites. She updates everything on social media and where ever she goes she puts a check in and clicks hundreds of pictures for facebook and Instagram.

Hard work girl

She is the hard working girl who works too besides attending college. She is always in a hurry and doesn’t stay in college till late as she has to rush to her work.

Miss helper

She is the sweetest and is always ready to help others in studies or to sort out any administration problem. Though there are few who do this just to gain votes during the college elections but she is the genuine one.

The tomboy girl in college
The tomboy girl in college

The tomboy

She is the one who hates all the girly stuff and is more into boyish and sport stuff just like Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Amrita Rao in Mai Hoon Na.