Common sex myths women believe


Sex is a taboo topic in India, we may joke about sex, watch lewd stuff but never does anyone pass information. Many women believe in sexual myths and these can dampen the mood and lead to sexual frustration. However some myths can lead to an unplanned pregnancy too. So we at AAW decided to put to rest a few common misconceptions about sex:

Myth: ‘I cannot get pregnant during and a few days after periods’

Reality: This might hold true for women who have perfectly regular menses cycle but any woman who has an irregular cycle might be have an unplanned pregnancy. The sperm can survive in the vagina for about seven days, and an egg survives for three. So if your periods are irregular you might ovulate early and a pregnancy might occur.

Myth: ‘Withdrawal method of contraception is fool proof’

Reality: Many people believe that till the time you do not ejaculate or deposit sperms in the female, a pregnancy cannot happen. But in reality the pre-ejaculate, also contains live sperm that can make you pregnant.

Myth: ‘Do homosexual fantasies mean I am a bi or lesbian?’

Reality: India is fairly new to the whole Bi-sexual concept and to deal with such homosexual fantasies can be difficult. But we all fantasies about many things doesn’t mean we want them to happen! Interest in same sex relationship could be simply just be a ‘what if’ question than an answer. Acting on fantasies is a different ballgame!

Myth: ‘The size matters issue or not issue’

Reality: On and off we have heard men feel proud (or otherwise) when they discuss their (ahem!) size but reports say it is not about bigger is better approach! In reality there is a medical condition called ‘micropenis’. This is the only condition where size matters, the rest is all OK! You need to figure out on how to use their tool for maximum advantage. The positions, passion, G-spot and entrance play a bigger role!

Myth: ‘We women want lots of foreplay and multiple big-O’s’

Reality: Men have always been blamed for not paying enough attention to women. Often most women don’t want an hour of foreplay a few minutes using the right style is more than enough. In fact, at times women also love spontaneous raw sex. The Big-O is a big deal as most men think more than one is important. But believe us more than one or two can make a woman raw and that is no fun.