Commonly used sex slang and their meaning!

Most commonly used sex slang and their meaning :

Sex slang are phrases and words that are used to refer to sexual activities. Every process has a name, similarly  in sexual activities, everything has a different term which we call as sex slang.  These days many new terms are becoming popular and half of the people do not even know their meaning. So, here is the list of famous sex slang and their gist.

  • Netflix and chill

When someone says they want to Netflix and chill it means, they want to have a 5-minute sex while watching a movie.



  • Intercoarse

This term is used for extremely rough sex.

  • Postboned

It is used when you get late for work or something because of an unknown sexual encounter.


Example: I am sorry I got postboned.

  • Smashing like

The term “making love” for a good sex is old. Now when you have an amazing sex with the one you love, then you will be smashing like or smashing hard: p

  • Make a sex

Let’s have sex is out now. People now usually ask do you want to make a sex with me??


  • Hotline Bling

This word is a synonym for the booty call, which means when someone calls you only and only for sex.

  • Dopplebanger

It means having sex with a person because he/she looks like a person you wanted to bang.

  • Selfuckbuddy

It is used to refer to a person you want to have sex daily with no feeling attached. When you do it with them for more than one time then they turn to Selfuckbuddy


  • Masturwait

The time that everyone hates. Masturwait is waiting for the porn to buffer.

  • Side Chick

It is used to refer to a girl with whom a boy sleeps outside of a relationship . This is the modern term for the “other girl”.

These are some of the slang that are being used by people, the list can grow in future but till then stay updated!