Types of people you meet at a wedding

Here we have the different types of people present in every wedding

A wedding is a luxurious affair with a lot of drama, multi-cuisine food to eat, enjoyment with friends, family and some beautiful memories to cherish lifelong. All weddings have something in common and that is the type of people you find there. Though you have to bear them for a short period of time, they still make it impossible. They are those who are the most talked about thing after the wedding. Team AAW is here with the types of people you will always witness in weddings you go, after all, it is shaadi season:

The drunk uncle


There is always a drunk uncle at the wedding who loves to dance while being drunk. Though he knows he can’t still he will always make everybody come on the dance floor and witness his hilarious steps.

The food critic person

There are many people in a wedding who will always give their precious unwanted critics on food. No matter how many dishes are there and however good they taste, they always have to mark the food with the lowest numbers they have. As per them, the food is never perfect!

The Photographer

Every wedding has a photographer who wants to capture each and everything. Though you have hired a professional one, he has to make sure that he himself is there in all poses and with every guest present.

The VIP guest


A few people always want a VIP treatment and if in case you don’t give them what they want, they are spoilers. They always want everything extra with lots of useless attention and every wedding has some of these VIPs.

The dancer

Dance is something without which a wedding is not over. There is always a dancer in a wedding who will ‘perform’ with all the Bollywood-like jhatkas from starting till the end.

The Poser and selfie freak

Some people actually attend a wedding to pose and have as many pictures clicked as possible. Some are selfie freaks who want a selfie with everyone. And also there is a crop of youngsters who just want to update their snapchat and instastory, wedding be damned!

The whining aunty

There are some whining aunties in weddings who always have complaints. Their main aim is to find faults and complain about every possible thing they get.

The judging expert


The wedding is a time where people get the right to judge. The Judging experts would judge the girl’s and boy’s families, their dance, their clothes, the gifts and all that they can.

The hot cousin whom everybody watches

In every wedding, there is a hot cousin, beauty/stud whom everybody admires. Half of the people are jealous and half start thinking where she/he belongs to. Many always have the thought of talking and getting clicked with her/him all the time. Some aunties also approach with ‘rishtas’ after all it doesn’t hurt to try!

You too must have seen many types of people in weddings, do share your encounters.