Have amazing quickie sex

Couple getting intimate/freedigitalphotos
Couple getting intimate/freedigitalphotos

Do not have the time for a long drawn session of sex? Well, here are ways to enjoy an amazing quickie and feel satisfied!

It’s about sex: Skip that foreplay and have some direct animalistic sex. Such acts without the cuddling and foreplay can, at times, be immensely satisfying.

Find a new time: Are you too tired after all the housework to indulge in a long naughty night? Just try different timings and find one that suits you. After dropping the kids to school or in the shower, maybe?

Remember your teens: Remember all that fumbling and cuddling in the car as teens? Well go back to the old ways they can be real fun.

Kissing/ freedigitalphotos

Think beyond the deed: Orgasm should be your main aim. Try hand or oral stimulation for the same!

Try a new place: Remember to grab the opportunity whenever it arises! Be ready and open to new places for sex.