Surprising facts about kissing

Boy and girl kissing
Boy and girl kissing

Why a kiss is lot more than a kiss!

Kissing is the most beautiful way to express your feelings. We emote many emotions only by a kiss. But do you know that studies say kissing is addictive as taking drugs? Well here are a few more surprising things you did not know about kissing:

Kissing is healthy for you: Not only does kissing make you feel happy and comforted; kissing does a lot for your health too! Kissing improves the skin, prevents tooth decay, helps blood circulation, and can relieve headaches! So don’t use your headache as an excuse not to kiss.

Kissing is illegal in many places: Do you know, in Naples the 16th century public kissing was punished by death? Kissing is seen as a taboo in India though things are changing but this taboo remains.

Kissing is as addictive as drugs: Studies say kissing releases endorphins, similar to the effects of cocaine and morphine. But the endorphins released on kissing are 200 times more powerful than the kick from drugs! Now do you understand that light headed drunk feeling you get after a good kiss?

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Kissing burns calories: A nice smooch uses about 35 facial muscles and burns a couple of calories too! A short romantic kiss burns about 5 calories, so if you kiss passionately for about a minute you are burning about 25 calories that is almost 1/3 of calories from a chapatti! So how about kissing your partner more frequently?

Kissing can pass germs and disease: The yuckiest part is that by kissing you can pass about 750 types of bacteria! The longer the kiss the more the bacteria, so a 5 minute kiss can transmit millions of bacterium. So be careful whim you are kissing!

Kissing can be fun and potentially dangerous too. But the best way to avoid those pitfalls is to love and kiss one person only.