Why having sex daily is a good habit!

Benefits of having sex every day:

When someone asks us how many times we indulge in sex, it often makes us feel awkward or shy. This is not something to avoid as it’s an important part of everyone’s adulthood and here are some reasons why you must make love every day. I am sure you will be surprised to know them:

Reduce Stress

Sex release a happiness hormone known as endorphins which helps in fighting against stress and leads to a good mood. Besides this, it results in a desirable feeling which makes a person more energetic.

Boost Immunity

Sex raises the level of immunoglobulin A (IgA) which boost the immune system in the body. This makes the person strong against the illness and keeps them safe from problems like cold and cuff.

Ease the Pain

If you are having a headache then the best option to get relief from it is, have sex. When you make love the orgasm starts which increase the level of oxytocin a hormone that is effective for reducing aches and pains.

Keeps you safe from Prostate Cancer

Ejaculation helps in releasing the fluids that may cause swelling when stays in the gland and ultimately results in dangerous problems. With the increasing age, the risk of prostate cancer also raises high so frequent ejaculation keeps you away from it.

Induces Sleep

If you are an Insomniac then sex would be really beneficial for you as it makes you tired and because of this lovely workout, you can fall asleep immediately. Even when men ejaculate it makes them tired and this induces sleep and relaxation.

Overall good health and longer life

The more sex you will do the better heart rate, blood pressure, stronger muscles, increased circulation of oxygen and happiness will be there in you. All these things play a major role in overall wellbeing which ultimately results in a longer life span.