Things that feminists are tired of hearing

Things that feminists always hear and hate:

Many people are often confused with what exactly feminism is?  Some think that being a feminist is wrong because they hate men but, in reality, feminists just want equality and try to break the stereotypes that affect both the genders. Due to such misconceptions, people always ask the same type of lame questions to persons who are feminist. Check out some of them below:

  • Why are you a feminist? Don’t you like men?
  • You should believe in equality! Even men are equal so why you want extra preference?

  • Are you a lesbian?
  • Doesn’t your boyfriend have any issue with you being a feminist?

  • Why do you always complain? Be satisfied with what you have there are a lot more women who deal with their problems calmly.
  • Not every man is the same. Stop thinking negative about them always.

  • In the name of feminism, women are doing a lot of wrong things which in result are creating problems for innocent people.
  • Why are you giving everybody a chance to get offended by you?

  • Why are you always angry? Don’t poke your nose in everyone’s matter.
  • “Feminism is sexist.”

  • If you are a feminist then why you shave?
  • Do you call yourself a feminist just to look cool?