Traits of an August born person

Qualities of an August born person  you can relate to

They are moody but they want everything to be perfect. Each of us has a different date of birth and we all have various unique traits. August born people are smart, intelligent, funny and a lot more. We will tell you some traits of an August born person as we all want to know what makes them different:

  • They have the always right attitude

In every matter or discussion, they want to prove their point right; they cannot let you walk out of an argument without agreeing with what they are saying. Don’t try to win because they won’t let you.


  • They are careful while choosing friends

As August born people are said to be shy and personal kind of person, they make limited friends. Also because of their straight forward-ness most people do not like them. They are very choosy when it comes to friendship. They get close to people who they deserve it. If you have an August born friend you are lucky!!

  • They love to express themselves

Whether they love you or they are angry with you, they will always express themselves. They are good at writing stuff, so if you know an Augustie then be prepared to get long texts. Also, their facial expressions reveal a lot of their current mood.

  • They spend money smartly

They keep a control over their expenses; they are never short of money because they know how to manage the accounts, as they are self-dependent. Augustie’s will not ask for money from you but will be there to help you with it.

  • They are short tempered

Their temper is always high; they experience a lot of mood swings due to which they get rude sometimes. They get angry on small things and react. They sometimes can be very hard on people.

  • They want everything to be perfect

Everything has to be in its place. From a small pen to their clothes they want everything to be organized. They want things to be in their place. They hate it when their surroundings are messy.

How many do you agree to?