Types of cab drivers we come across

Check out the list of cab drivers that we come across:

We all travel in cabs, sometimes the experience is great, whereas sometimes it can be bad. Your experience depends on how your drive is and how he drives. Sometimes we come across a talkative person, while some can be rude and rash drivers. So here is the list of cab drivers that we come across:

  • Talkative

He is the one who keeps on talking about random stuff. Throughout your whole ride, you are listening to his stories.

  • The rude one

Don’t know what is wrong in his life? But he is super annoyed.

  • The good DJ

He is the one who plays great songs and keeps you entertained.

  • Well acquainted

They are well acquainted with technology and reached your destination without Calling you for like a thousand times.

  • Mirror creep

He will stare the fuck out of you from the mirror.

  • The chutta hoga kya?

Whether you give him an 2000 rupee or INR 500, he doesn’t have change. Oh god, this is a serious issue!

  • The way too nice one

He acts so nice, that you smell something fishy. Volume zayda toh nahi hai? Gaadi theek chala raha hoon? I mean wtf.

  • The caller

He is back to back on calls. He talks on the phone loudly, you can’t listen to the songs nor talk on the phone. Will you please shut up for god’s sake?

  • The lost one

He doesn’t know how to follow the navigation and keeps on asking you! Bro why do you have the mobile.

  • The rash driver

He is in such a hurry as if he is going to catch a train!