10 must have pictures in a wedding album

Wedding album is the best way to capture some of the most cherished moments of your life as through them you can re-live them again and again. But compiling a perfect wedding album is an art as at times missing something small can also spoil the whole fun of the album. We are sure your photographer knows best about which shots to click and when. But we got Kunal Khanna, Director, White Frog Productions to tell us about the must have pictures in a wedding album so that even you don’t miss on picking the right pictures

    • The essential bridal portraits: A Wedding album can’t be complete without the portraits of the bride. An perfect album should  showcase the bride in her spectacular ensembles, like an alluring piece of art.
    • The creative ‘Mehendi’ shots: This is what brides love to pose for. One has to agree that mehendi hands look more appealing when captured into pictures. Mehendi pictures are something which no one ever wants to miss.
      Mehendi shots
      Mehendi shots

      The one with your folks: These shots can invoke all the emotions inside of us.  The mother hugging her daughter and sobbing , bride with her friends or family and happy happy pictures pictures are few you surely would like to see .Catch up with your favourite people and ask the photographer to keep clicking.

    • The bride entry shot: It’s a sin to miss out on a picture from this beautiful ceremony. This is the actual “princess” moment for the bride where she is escorted by her brothers underneath a floral blanket.Though now brides are opting for innovative and fun entry ways but still entry shots of the bride are special.
    • The Couple-Caught-Candid: These are the moments a photographer is secretly looking out for in every wedding, because these make the cutest pictures. What else could be more endearing than a groom coyly catching glances with her bride, while she blushes!
    • The quintessential beauty shots: A few out-of-the-box shots are also important where the bride or the couple are asked to pose with some extravagant backdrops.
    • The close-up drama shots: These are the close ups capturing the visage of bride and others, with candid expressions adding deep drama to the pic.
    • The silhouette shots: These are the surreal pictures caught in the most romantic of dawn or dusk lights.  Couples love it for the simplicity of it.
    • The décor shots: The décor shots are as essential as bride’s beauty shots. These are the ones your folks wouldn’t like if gone missing.
    • The jewelry and lehenga shots: Jewellery and lehenga shots are a must as they are the bride’s priced possessions and adds beauty to her charm on her special day.

Image courtesy: White Frog Production