Ways to stop Covid-19 from ruining your D-Day

Check out some ways to stop Covid-19 from ruining your wedding day:

This is a hard time for couples who are getting married in recent days, due to coronavirus pandemic. A big gathering such as a wedding is a perfect casualty of the disease. This virus is communicable and people are living in isolation to avoid contamination. Due to the virus, people are calling social gatherings. But canceling a wedding can be costly. So, if you have a wedding planner then, there are some tips that you must follow to for protection against Covid-19:

  • Hand sanitizer availability

Though everyone is carrying a sanitizer, as organizers, you must also make them available at the wedding.  Ask the planner to circulate a tray of sanitizer around the venue.

  • Have an intimate wedding

Try to make your wedding a close gathering with only your loved and near ones. This way it can be a safe event.

  • Avoid hugs and handshakes

The respiratory diseases transmit from one person to another. So, put up instructions for guests to avoid hugs and handshakes. This can stop you from getting affected to any kind of infection.

  • Make use of gloves

Ask your wedding planners and staff to wear gloves. From the servers to managers, everyone should be wearing gloves. This is a necessary step to ensure the protection of your guests.

  • Put information on invites

In your wedding invitations, include a paragraph stating the precautions that one must take at the wedding to avoid infection. Washing hands frequently, avoid touching, carrying a sanitizer are some necessary precautions.

Now, just smile, this is one of the most important days of your lives!