Wedding trends to avoid in 2018!

Overused wedding trends that you must avoid this year:

Who does not like to make the latest trends a part of their wedding? But just because everyone is following them, you need to do them too? We understand that planning your wedding is beautiful, we all look for something unique but these ideas and trends need to die now! And before you start planning your D-day, here is the list of trends that have been overused and you should avoid in 2018.

  1. Floral jewelry

Almost every bride is seen wearing floral jewelry, flaunting their maang tikkas and haath phools at mehendi function. You can now rather go for real jewels ir gota jewellery that will make you look amazing. Drop the flower jewelry this wedding season.

  1. Avoid signboards

Surely, you can place one outside the venue but why does everyone on the route need to know about it? It is a total waste of space. And I think we have had too many of the ‘Anita Weds Ravi’ signboards in a decade! Stop wasting paper people.

  1. Theme weddings

Some of us might have attended a theme wedding, they are super cool. But now it’s time to bid them farewell. This trend has been overdone and is no more special, you should keep everything generic this wedding season.

  1. No mushy pre-wedding shoots

    Go for something fun

Pre-wedding shoots have become the must do things now. Try to go with some unique poses and ditch the mushy poses now. You can rather have a shoot with something that you like such as food or gaming. Also, give the traditional outfits a rest and go for something fun and frolic. Be natural and candid.

  1. Portrait shots of bridal outfits

Just be candid and avoid being fake. Remove those glamour shots from your list and adorn your outfit yourself. Your natural pictures will be greater than those portrait ones.

I wish weddings get realistic or at least the couples start paying for their ‘forever’ to understand the amount of money which is wasted just to impress people.