Best practices to try out when feeling bored at work

Feeling bored at work? No worries, try these fun tips out!

So, we humans have a nature to get bored very soon and easily. But, the fun should not stop in order to carry out maximum output and productivity from their end.

Here are a few tips to try out :

Keep your surroundings vibrant – If your surroundings are not colorful enough, then it can be a little boring for you to sit at a place for a longer period of time. Try to keep your space vibrant and sight-appropriate. That will help you to feel fresh and positive.

Take a break in every 60 minutes – Make a rule to walk, talk, and laugh. Keep this in mind that if you will stick to a place for a longer duration, it won’t just affect your physical health, in fact mental too. So, try to incorporate a little walk, talk and laugh into your work routine.

Keep your water bottle in front of you – Water is something you should not ignore while working. Make a habit of drinking water every 1 hour, this way you will be able to get a quick break for a few minutes as well as it will help you fight dehydration and working stress too.

Talk with colleagues to relax a bit – If you are working from office, keep talking with your colleagues about some funny incidents. This way, overall vibe would become positive and you will feel more productive and focused.


Make coffee your best friend – Coffee is the enemy of sleep, at-least for me, it is! If you like coffee, incorporate that into your working hours to make you feel refreshed.

Try music – Music heals and when it loud, it feels too!! Haha, that means listen to your fav music for a while, that will help you to concentrate more on the work.